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Cymphonix: Internet Monitoring, Security and Performance Appliances

Built from the ground up as a deep packet inspection devices to scan, identify and control traffic going to and coming from the internet. Its layer 7 inspection and control capabilities are far superior to span port devices, proxies and firewall add-ons. Cymphonix products maximize WAN data flow while reducing network complexity and costs.

  • Filters web content
  • Logs IM's
  • Improves web application performance, stops spyware
  • Allows you to automatically report what users are doing online

Network Composer is a secure Web gateway appliance that sits between your corporate firewall and network switches. It comes fully-loaded with everything you need to reveal, optimize and protect your Internet connection. It features a convenient and powerful Web-based management console and receives frequent automatic updates to protect your organization from emerging threats.

Pricing Notes:

  • The purchase of at least 1 Year of ASM is required with appliance
  • ANNUAL SYSTEM MAINTENANCE - Licenses include 1 year (12 months from date of purchase) of Annual System Maintenance (ASM). Systems with a current ASM subscriptions have access to new application signatures, spyware, anti-virus, and web content/URL filtering updates, firmware releases and standard technical support by Authorized Cymphonix Resellers. Additionally, systems with a current ASM are eligible for hardware warranty service (up to a maximum of 3 years from date of purchase). Warranty service offers replacement or repair at Cymphonix's options.
  • EX220 & EX250 support up to 250 nodes. EX310 supports up to 5,000 nodes. EX320 -­ EX600 support up to 50,000 nodes.
  • Contact us Sales@eTribeca.com or 888-219-0207 for Licenses from 1,000 to 50,000 Nodes
  • Upgrade Cards for EX500 and EX600 Series is not compatible with the EX400 Series.

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  1. Cymphonix Network Composer EX220 XLI-E

    Cymphonix Network Composer EX220 XLI


    Cymphonix Network Composer EX220 2 Mb/s, one copper pair

    • Up to 100 Mb/s Internet Connections
    • Up to 2 Mb/s Filtered Web Traffic
    • Up to 500 Kb/s Filtered HTTPS Web Traffic
    • 250 User License Range
    • 1 Copper Pair
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