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Fluke Networks Airmagnet Enterprise Starter Kit

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Fluke Networks Airmagnet Enterprise Starter Kit, 4 Sensors, UNLTD Server Lic

AirMagnet Enterprise provides a simple, scalable WLAN monitoring solution that enables any organization to proactively mitigate all types of wireless threats, enforce enterprise policies, prevent performance problems and audit the regulatory compliance of all their WiFi assets and users worldwide. The enterprise WLAN monitoring solution offers complete visibility and control over the wireless airspace, enabling any enterprise to reliably deliver the same standards of security performance and compliance for their wireless networks as they expect from their wired networks.

Fluke Networks Airmagnet Enterprise Starter Kit


Fluke Networks AirMagnet Enterprise

24/7 WLAN Security and Performance Monitoring

AirMagnet Enterprise is a centralized system that proactively protects WiFi networks and users from all types of threats, ensures maximum network performance and uptime and arms staff with the tools to solve problems quickly and remotely. AirMagnet Enterprise does this by going to the true source of WiFi threats and problems – the airspace itself. The solution provides full-time automated analysis of all WiFi traffic, channels, devices, their connection state as well as optional spectrum analysis of non-WiFi devices and sources of interference. This full time view lets you get to the root-cause of any problem instead of just seeing the symptoms, while ensuring full visibility and control over the wireless boundary between your network assets and the outside world. AirMagnet Enterprise takes action to defend the wireless environment by automatically blocking, tracing and mapping any threat in addition to an unmatched suite of event alerting, escalation, remote troubleshooting, forensic analysis, and professional PCI and compliance reporting. The end result is a unified system that keeps WiFi under your control – performing safely and meeting the needs of your users and applications.

Complete WiFi Security

AirMagnet Enterprise protects against every wireless threat by combining the industry’s most thorough wireless monitoring with leading edge research, analysis and threat remediation.

Full Visibility

Unlike other solutions, AirMagnet Enterprise scans all possible 802.11 channels (including the 200 extended channels), ensuring that there are no blind spots where rogue devices can hide. AirMagnet goes beyond WiFi analysis with optional hardware accelerated spectrum analysis to detect RF jamming attacks, Bluetooth devices and unapproved wireless cameras.

Industry Leading Threat Detection

The AirMagnet Intrusion Research Team constantly investigates the latest hacking techniques, trends and potential vulnerabilities in the industry to keep you a step ahead of evolving threats. Their research drives the AirMagnet AirWISE engine which constantly analyzes all wireless devices and traffic using a combination of frame inspection, stateful pattern analysis, statistical modeling, RF analysis, policy analysis and anomaly detection, enabling AirMagnet to detect hundreds of specific threats, attacks and vulnerabilities such as rogue devices, spoofed devices, DoS attacks, man-in-the-middle attacks, evil twins, as well as the most recent hacking tools and techniques such as MDK3, Karmetasploit and 11n DoS attacks.

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