Installation Services

LifeSize HD video conferencing solutions provide universal video collaboration,enabling your organization to communicate and respond, worldwide, in a fast, secure and reliable method. However, in order to fully realize and protect your LifeSize product investment, you will want to ensure that your LifeSize solution is installed correctly from the start A professional installation enables optimal per formance from your products and provides immediate benefits from the first day.

The LifeSize Installation Ser vices team will work with you to develop an installation plan specifically tailored to your organization and its needs.Shor tly af ter a plan is agreed upon, your installation is ready to begin. Your LifeSize Services Project Manager (LSPM) will then manage the execution of your installation, per formed by one of our Field Service Specialists, and the delivery of System Administration Training for your team on site. The service does not end there.Once your installation is complete, you will have access to our network of LifeSize Services Professionals who are there to answer your questions should the need arise.


Dedicated LifeSize Services Project Manager Each Installation Ser vice plan provides you access to an LSPM. All LSPMs have been trained directly by LifeSize, ensuring you have the finest professionals in the business to manage your installation project.

Your LSPM will ask you detailed questions to make sure all aspects of your installation project are addressed prior to execution.An installation plan will be reviewed with you, and your LSPM will keep you apprised of specific milestones every step of the way.Having a dedicated LSPM ensures that your project stays on track and is completed on time. Your LSPM will also manage the entire delivery process of your lifeSize products so as not to jeopardize your installation schedule

Professional Installation

On the day of installation, your assigned Field Service Specialist will unpack and inspect all of your products to confirm they have arrived in fac tory condition. He or she will then proceed to the installation, which includes the thorough setup of all of your products. Once installed, your system will be configured per plan,and multiple tests will be executed before it will be deemed a success.

End User and System Administrator Training

Upon successful implementation of your LifeSize solution, your Field Service Specialist will deliver End User and/or System Administrator Training depending on your solution. Acquiring training directly from the Field Service Specialist who executed your installation provides you personalized training specific to your set of solutions. During the training, your team will have the opportunity to receive hands-on experience and to ask any questions they may have.Each participant of the System Administrator Training will receive both a system administration and an interactive user guide. And when applicable, your Field Service Specialist may also record the training for your future reference.

Decrease Time to Deployment

Purchasing Installation Services provides resources who will help you identify potential challenges and will address all requirements of your installation plan from the start.Our LSPMs will remove the difficulties of project management and will do it quickly and cost-effectively, allowing you to focus on your business priorities and ensuring the quick and successful deployment of your LifeSize solution.

R ealize Cost Savings

Because our LSPMs are LifeSize product experts, you will gain the benefit of having an expert on your team without the associated expense.Our LSPMs have managed the deployment of LifeSize products all over the world, ranging from one location installation to multiproduct and multilocation installations, making them experts in all facets of deployment coordination.

Secure Peace of Mind

At LifeSize we feel conf1dent you will always have a professionaland pleasant experience with your LifeSize products.However, if you happen to have a question or need support with your product, we want you to know that we're only one step away. And because you have purchased an Installation service, we will have all the details of your solution right at our fingertips,making your call to us a quick and simple experience.

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